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Research Essay 3

One of the main things to do when creating a Theatre Company is to show your work. There are some options:

One way is by applying to a PILOT night. This is a platform created in 2003 to provide theatre-makers with a space where to show and test work-in-progress production. It is as well a a good platform to create contacts and network. Here, you can find all the information regarding when, where and how to apply to a PILOT night. There is also an archive with pictures and useful information about all the companies that had performed at the PILOT Nights. For example, The Fabularium, a company emerged from Coventry University Alumni, took part in one of the PILOT Sites in June 2015. (See more at

Other way to showcase is by booking slots in theatres and become a touring theatre company. For emerging Theatre Companies the ideal is to look for regional or local theatres and venues.  In order to look for the suitable venues that will accept your work, you have to create a list. UK Web Index has a database of al the theatre by regions and town. It could be helpful to see which theatres and venues are around you base-location. To be successful with a booking, you need to provide the theatre with an outstanding production pack and a high-quality images of the show. This way, you can differentiate yourself from other companies looking for a booking too.

Another factor that is crucial to be able to book slots in theatres and venues is to have contacts. Those contacts can be created not just through the PILOT nights but through Festival. There a big number of theatre and art festivals around the UK to which you can apply. The British Arts Festivals Association has a very complete database of all the festivals, where they are taking place and when.

In addition Jake Orr, a freelance theatre-maker and writer, has created his own database of the most important Festivals. However, his dates are not up-to-date, they are merely an approximation. (See more at

From this webpage, I have extracted some of the Festivals I considered interesting to take Comedy Without a Title or any production by Retales Theatre:

There are many more Theatre Festivals such us the Fringe Festival or the Physical Theatre Festival in Liverpool. However, non of these support new theatre and emerging artists as these Festivals do. For example, Contacting the World is not just a Festival but multicultural exchange program that bring together emerging artists from all around the world. This particular Festival can be suitable for Retales Theatre as the company strives to bring the Spanish theatre and culture closer to an international audience.