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Research Essay 2

In order to become a theatre director, one must have a directorial concept, which is the personal vision, aesthetically and conceptually, of the text that is going to be staged (See more at Although this concept was first introduced to me by Sonia Ritter in one of her lectures, I already new a director must had a personal artistic view of the piece that will be created, and always following a patter and a very specific style.

My own directorial concept is mainly inspired by the Avant-garde artistic movements such us Surrealism, Expressionism and Symbolism. Some of the pieces that mainly inspired me are :

  • Luis Buñuel’s movie Un Chien Andalou
  • Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Vladimir Kush and Frida Kahlo paintings (See more at
  • Lars Von Trier, Tim Burton, Jean Luc Godard and Pedro Almodovar movies.

Dogville, by Lars Von Trier:

  • Pablo Neruda, Mario Benedetti, Laura Esquivel and Rafael Alberti poetry.

página en blanco
aquí te dejo todo
haz lo que quieras
o por lo menos organízate

yo me echaré una siesta
ojalá me despiertes
con algo original
y sugestivo
para que yo lo firme

(Pagina en Blanco by Mario Benedetti)

Moreover, I am influenced by the Spanish Theatre of the 20th Century which was mainly motivated through the research I undertook when writing my Dissertation Analysis of the ‘Impossible Theatre of Federico Garcia Lorca on the British Stage’. For this paper, I analyse the reception and understanding of the figure of Federico Garcia lorca and his least known works, The Public, When Five Years Pass and Comedy Without a Title. Intrigued by the lack of knowledge around these plays and the importance of the social and cultural panorama of Spain  during the 20th Century, I continued and expanded my  research on the subject, exploring the reception of other important Spanish playwrights  such as Antonio Buero Vallejo or Alejandro Casona.

From these research and as part of a Final Major Project Retales Theatre,  student Theatre Company that emerged from the collaboration between me and Hannah Davies, emerged. This company  following my own directorial concept to differentiate its creative activity from other Theatre Companies and  aims to become a professional Theatre Company that tours Experimental Spanish Theatre and makes it accessible to an international audience.

Together with artistic aspects of the productions, but legal and administrative requirements:

As a Theatre Company is basically a business, we must establish what type of business we want to set up. The webpage of the British government provides you with all the information needed about which types of companies can be created, their characteristics and requirements.

Another aspect to have in consideration is to have a Public Liability Insurance that covers your company and performers from any possible risk. Performers Insurance is a webpage that provides you with the information needed in order to purchase the product. Funding is as well a very important factor to consider when creating a Theatre Company. Currently, the most efficient funding available is the Arts Grant from the Arts Council of the United Kingdom. However, there are other ways of funding such as applying for small grants and the possibility of performance through other existing Theatre Companies:

  • Les Enfants Terribles offered the LET award where they awarded the wining application with a grant and a space to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Locally, we have the Shop Front Theatre with its Shoot Festival. They award the winning applications with a grant and a

In addition to this, a Theatre Company can diversify its activity, providing workshops and promoting international collaborations between Universities. Same way Coventry University has collaborated with another Drama School in Findland, Retales Theatre can establish links between Coventry and Spain, specially with Universidad Europea de Madrid as I am graduating there with a Performing Arts Degree. Other Universities that teach Theatre, Drama or Performing Arts in Spain are:

  1.  Real Escuela de Arte Dramatico
  2. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  3. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  4. Escuela de Artes Escenicas de Madrid
  5. Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
  6. Universidad de Barcelona


Other options available to become a director are applying to the programmes offered by theatres and organisations:

The Young Vic offers a number of programmes for young and emerging director, as well as workshops ad clinics to help them to enter in the industry. The Regional Theatre offer a Scheme for Young Directors, allowing theatre companies to work with emerging directors.