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Reseach Essay 1

The two main Universities in which I will be focusing are Yale University and Columbia University, following the advise of previous tutors and lecturers.To back up this decision I have done the following research:

World Ranking of best Universities for Arts and Humanities 2016

The top University is Oxford University, being Yale University and Columbia University the 6th and 8th respetively.

If we filter by the subject: Performing Arts, the top University is the Julliard School (USA), being Yale University the 25th and Columbia University the 39th. However, both have a 5 stars rating, which means that they have been positively rated by scholars as excellent institutions for Performing Arts despite their ranking.

In order to apply for these universities I had to  complete a series of requirements such us providing a statement of purpose, theatrical resume, creative material, ect. I researched for some examples to follow:

  1. How to write a statement of purpose:
  1. How to do a theatrical resume:


Exploring other possibilities, I looked into other MFAs in the UK, being mainly interested in a MFA in Directing by Birkbeck University of London, a MFA in Collaborative Theatre Making and a MSt in Creative Writing by Cambridge University.

Ranking of best Universities in the United Kingdom

For drama and dance, Coventry University is in the 37th whereas Birkbeck is not even listed.

For creative writing, Cambridge University is in the first position.

Looking for types of funding, I found a scholarship for Cambridge University, sponsored by Bill Gates.