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About Us

Retales Theatre emerged in October, 2015 through the collaboration between  a Theatre student and a Music student of Coventry University. It is currently run by Irene Sanchez, the Artistic Director, Translator and Adapter; and Hannah Davies, Music Composer and Performer. We count with a mixed Spanish, English and Italian cast composed by Carmen Comes, Jose Figueroa, Raqueal Hobbs, Irene Odoardi and Sophie Thorne.

The word “Retales” comes from Spanish and translates to English  to “Patchwork”. This is because the Company was formed by very different people, from very different backgrounds but all of them with a creative sense able to “make possible the impossible” (Federico Garcia Lorca).

Retales Theatre is specialised in experimental Spanish theatre of the 20th Century, differentiation itself by translating and adapting Spanish plays. Its main aim is to bringing closer to a diverse audience the least popular Spanish play, making them more accessible and understandable. We are aesthetically inspired by surrealism, expressionism and symbolism, creating an original and unique style of theatre-making. Braking completely with the forth-wall, we create a direct interaction with the audience taking through a journey in which reality and illusion collide; creating a surprising and magical experience that will not leave them indifferent.


“Do you want to know what reality is? Listen to it”

(Comedia sin titulo, F.G. Lorca)