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Business Matters

For the Course 315TPA РPDP3:Business Matters I had to research and reflect about my future career as a graduate in Theatre and Professional Practice, considering my own creative and professional decisions:

ESSAY 1: MFAs and further Higher Education

In this essay, I will discuss the different Masters and Post-Graduation studies available in the field of Directing and Creative Writing in the USA and UK. It will also discuss the importance of doing an outstanding application.


ESSAY 2: Starting a Theatre Company – Creation and funding

In this essay I will discuss how to become a director, as well as the process and steps to follow in order to create and establish a Theatre Company in the UK. I will also discuss the importance and process of obtaining a funding from the Art Council, and other sources.


ESSAY 3: Starting a Theatre Company – Touring a production

In this essay I will explore the different possibilities of  showcasing your work as a emerging theatre company. I will look at PILOT Nights, booking venues and applying to Festival in the UK. I will discuss as well the importance of differentiating yourself in order to build up a name and reputation.