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I was born on the 14th of January, 1993 in Madrid (Spain) with a passion for art inside me. Throughout my short life I have lived and experience many adventures that mould me as an artist. At the age of 12 I moved for two years to London to learn English and there, I found out what I wanted to be: a theatre director. I was aware it was a tough path to walk through that required a lot of dedication. I learned circus techniques for three years at the same time I continued practising rhythmic gymnastics and studying for University. I am currently in my last year of a Double Degree in Performing Arts and Media Studies at Universidad Europea de Madrid with a full scholarship. During these years, I had the chance to meet and work with theatre professionals as well as travelling around the world:

I studied my first two years of University in Madrid starting my professional career working as an Assistant Director for Tamzin Townsend for the ‘IX Buero Vallejo Young Theatre Awards’ Gala that took place in Teatro Maria Guerrero (Madrid, Spain). Then, I worked as a Lighting Assistant for Baraka Teatro and created and directed my own theatre play ‘Poesia en Vispera de Año Nuevo’.

In my third year, I obtained a scholarship to study a semester abroad at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (Santa Fe, NM – USA) that I ended up extending for two more semesters. There, I worked as a Lighting Assistant for ‘The Spirit of Uganda’ and ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ and as an Assistant Stage Manager for Greer Garson’s 110th Birthday Tribute and ‘Den of Thieves’. Also, I worked as an Assistant Director and Stage Manager for the ‘Audio Revolution Showcase 2014’ produced by Youth Media Project, continuing my work with them as a digital storytelling educator and media production.

I studied my last year at Coventry University where I joined the Theatre and Professional Practice course. Here, I was as an actress for a class production of ‘The Pied Piper’ and a group-devised piece, ‘And The Rest Is History’. I got involved in several students Final Projects, being a Stage Manager for ‘Thando’ and a dancer for ‘Magnetic Moments’. Moreover, I took part on the Romani Week Festival, presenting a short piece, ‘The Apple of My Green Eye’, written and directed by me.

As part of my Final Major Project, I translated, adapted and directed   ’Comedy Without a Title‘, a play based on Comedia sin titulo by Federico Garcia Lorca. This production was the case study of my Dissertation at Coventry University and Projecto Fin de Grado at Universidad Europea de Madrid, where I studied and analysed the reception of the ‘Impossible Theatre’ of Federico Garcia Lorca on the British Stage.

Currently, I teach Spanish as a foreign language in Coventry while I search for my new adventure.

I am a very organised, proactive and committed person always willing to learn and experience new things. Driven by a passion for the arts, I have got involved in as many projects and opportunities as possible, always prioritizing my University studies. Working in the arts is something I have always been interested in, and a field in which I will like to expand my knowledge and experience. The creation, production and development of a theatrical piece it’s a process I highly enjoy not just because of my passion for theatre, but the motivation and energy throughout the process.

I have had experience with the arts in education when I worked as a workshop facilitator and media production for Youth Media Project (Santa Fe, NM – USA). Here acted as an assistant in several Digital Story Telling Workshops. In addition, I had to organise in collaboration with the other interns a listening event where we showcased the student’s stories together with our own collaborative radio program, Face the Fe. For this event, we made use of new technologies, such us projection and interactive listening stations with which the audience could listen to the radio pieces at the same time of reading them or looked though a gallery of cinematographs (moving pictures) the students developed and created for the workshops.

I had the opportunity of putting in practice the skills learnt at Youth Media Project when I collaborated in the creation, development and performance of Thando, a Third Year Theatre Final Major Project. Throughout the process, I made use of my knowledge of media production and graphic design skills in order to create the promotional material, such us posters, flyers and brochures, and film documentation. Moreover, I help with the planning and implementations of the promotional stand during the Launch Event, as well as taking care of the logistics for the Front of House for the performances at Ellen Terry Theatre and Ego Performance Company.

I showed great initiative and creativity when I took part of the Romani Week Festival 2015, in which I presented a short performance I wrote and directed. For this event, I proved professionalism when liaising with the University Staff Members, as well as developing my leadership and organisational skills in order to meet the deadlines. The experience opened my mind, giving me a better understanding of the artistic process and the importance of establishing flawless coordination between artist and director.

Having a career in the arts will allow me to develop and incorporate my creative skills, together with my knowledge of media production and technical theatre. As a Spanish national with a wide international experience, I incorporate in my art a multicultural point of view, bringing my language and culture closer to the audience. For this reason, I will like to specialise in the translation, adaptation and production of the least known Spanish theatre of the 20th Century.

Practitioner Plus – NCS Summer Programme, The Challenge – 2016

Spanish Teacher – Linguae Mundi, Coventry University – 2016

Curatorial Assistant – Rosa Cisneros Kostic – 2016

Theatre Technician – Edinburgh Fring Festival 2015, SpaceUK – 2015

Sessional Support Worker –  NCS Summer Programme, Catch 22 – 2015

Intern – Youth Media Project – 2014

Lighting Assistant – Baraka Teatro – 2013

Assistant Director and Stage Manager of Tamzin Townsend – ElMuro Producciones – 2012