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How to say it?




How to say it?

Days are all the same. Every day the sun rises and sets to rise again and set again. Days are cyclic, circular, constant, unbreakable. They do not stop. We do not stop them. We let them go, day after day, week after week, year after year, century after century… and meanwhile, we give life so they replace us when we die.

Life is like a day. Lives are like days. Lives are not all the same because days are not all the same. Every life makes every day special, unique, peerless. Every day it dawns with the same sun and nightfall with different moon. Days change. They have more hours and less minutes, more seconds and less duration. They stop. They stop in the most important moments. In those moments that lives make important and time seems to stop. It does not move. Nothing seems to move. A light wind, a single blink. A contained tear and a released word.

So many days have gone by that I got lost. So many moments that stopped and suddenly they resumed. There is no wind, not blink, not tears, not even words. Just the silence. Nothingness, infinite emptiness of infinite days of finite lives that only have a second of complete stop to describe with a word a finite moment: when you say “I LOVE YOU”