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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Look around

Look around A flood of people coming and leaving creates a soundtrack of faded ramble, paving wheels. A soft light, half orange because of the wooden roof, projects over every particular face an expression, each of them different. Smiles, flooded smiles.

Come back

Come back I open my eyes and I see you. I think I see you. Not now. I go back to the depth, so dark, so monotonous, so peacefully… I see you again, I think. Distorted images. Yes, I see you, it’s you, I think. Color patches. I fan my eyelashes so the air refreshes […]

Green Light, Blue Light

Green Light, Blue Light   “Hi. You don’t know me but, Can I seat with you?” Confused, he answers, “Yes, sure. I guess every day is a good day to meet such familiar estranger.” “Thank you.”

How to say it?

How to say it? ays are all the same. Every day the sun rises and sets to rise again and set again. Days are cyclic, circular, constant, unbreakable. They do not stop. We do not stop them. We let them go, day after day, week after week, year after year, century after century… and meanwhile, we give […]